Pet Insurance and Delivery Brocker

At Track 002 Once an animal is in your or your employee’s care, you’re responsible for its safety. You’re also responsible for injuries to clients and/or third parties and any property that gets damaged. Consider the following situations: You’re at a client’s home and are taking her injured, and large, dog to the vet. While carrying the animal down the stairs, he falls off the stretcher and suffers several serious injuries. You accidentally close the car door on a dog’s tail. A cat in your taxi finds a way around the partition and jumps into the driver’s side of the vehicle, causing an accident. You accidentally back into a client’s garage door. With the right pet business insurance coverage your pet taxi service can be covered for: emergency vet bills medical expenses for injuries to third parties damage to property (yours and others’)auto accidents and other auto claims related to your pet taxi If you’re served with a lawsuit, whether it’s valid or not, pet transport insurance can also help protect your pet taxi by covering the legal costs to defend the suit. Those costs can include lawyer’s fees, out-of-court settlements and awards for damages. What’s Included in Pet Transport Insurance? These are a few of the coverages that can be included as part of a pet transport insurance policy

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